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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 12 - Hiromu Arakawa

The book FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST by HIROMU ARAKAWA  about this woman named winry rockbell who as a child her parents were killed by scar.later on  the story winry meets scar and wants to kill him for killing her parents. she struggles to shoot because her friends tell her not to shoot she decided not to shoot then the police came and took her to safety custody. then after she left they started fighting and this little girl named may chang she came to save scar because scar was her master. but scar was injured but his tattoos helped him heal.


In my opinion the girl should have shot scar because he killed her parents and she had to live with her grandma. she was very sad  her whole life. in the story she was hesitating to shoot scar she was scared. her friends were telling her not to. so the kid and the robot fought after she left scar was injured and may chang came to save scar.

i would recommend this book because it is very interesting and filled with action. the people who would like the book are people who like action and comic. also they would like it because it is filled with lots of things people like to read about.